Sustainable Automation

What is the way society has to run away from the pollution disaster?

What is Sustainable Automation?

Sustainable Automation is everything that improves technologies to be better for the environment and sustains the efficiency of the process that they are implied. More especially, it can be seen as the closure of a vicious cycle, reducing pollution damage to the planet.

Real technology

Nowadays, we have a lot of technologies that are already used in the industry and also in everyday life. Some of these technologies are:

Residential Automation

Technologies that can provide comfort are being more and more used for the population, one classical example is smart assistants that can help us in normal activities like turning up a light. 

But, why is using these technologies sustainable? Well, the answer comes from how we can get the comfort of optimizing tactics like turning up the air conditioner before getting home or turning off the lights that are forgets.

Re Using resources

One of the best ways to turn something into a more sustainable cycle is reducing the impact of the production line.

One fascinating example of this is an initiative that uses the rest of the coffee used for straining to make cups for drinking coffee. These cups are reusable and biodegradable, features that improve its smoothness.

Another example could be the implementation of biodigesters in large restaurants to produce methane gas, providing a better destination for food waste and reducing the cost of gas used for cooking.

Automatic Irrigation

Irrigation systems are a very effective way to combat water waste. According to most manufacturers of these systems, the minimum water savings is 30% of the usual expenditure. However, this value can increase with the use of more improved systems that use more modern techniques.

It is the way out?

Sustainable automation is a wonderful alternative so that the impacts of pollution are increasingly reduced and the world has the opportunity to dream about a future. However, the implementation of these technologies does not provide the entire solution to the problems arising from consumerism and inadequate waste disposal. It is necessary to fight for a society that is less selfish and proposes to think about taking care of the environment, because without collective effort and the effort of those who have power, sustainability becomes a failure.

How can we, as future electrical engineers, help?

As future electrical engineers, our role is to study sustainable technologies and make the prospect of a good future more real. Society needs us to develop and apply technologies that help improve the economy, sustainability and quality of life. And in the same way, society as a whole must seek to make its lifestyle more sustainable and put pressure on governments so that everyone has a duty to make the world a better place.