This week’s poll: the post-election future of HS2

How should the incoming government proceed with HS2, the largest single infrastructure and capital project currently underway in the UK?

The HS2 project, to link London, the Midlands, Leeds and Manchester with a new high-speed rail network, has been a political football since its inception around a decade ago. With a new government beginning its parliamentary programme this week, it remains the largest single capital project on the books, and the largest infrastructure project for decades. But the arguments about HS2 show no signs of dying down, and with the Conservative party’s swathe of new seats in the Midlands and North, parts of the plan may be about to come up for renewed scrutiny.

Although we have run polls about HS2 in the past, we are keen to see what our readers think the incoming government strategy should be over this potentially transformative (or potentially exorbitant, depending on your point of view) project. Should the whole thing be cancelled? Should rail connections north of Birmingham be re-emphasised? Or should the project go ahead under its current outlines?

As ever, we welcome debate around the subject, although to avoid rehearsing old arguments, we would prefer that commenters look at the issue in the context of the new government and how a fresh eye might be applied to the situation. We remind all commenters to familiarise themselves with our guidelines for the content of comments before submitting, and to take note that all comments are moderated particularly for length and grammar before being published.

This is our last poll of 2019; will publish the results on 7th January. The Engineer team would like to take this opportunity to send all our readers our very best wishes for the holidays and a happy New Year.

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Provided by: The Engineer.