Cyber attacks cause billionaire damage every year. However, those losses can become a catastrophe if a nuclear plant is hacked. In this post, we will talk about how cybersecurity works in nuclear power plants and for more information on nuclear energy, the blog energia inteligente recommends our podcast: Eletricast

Is it possible to attack a nuclear plant cybernetically?

Many security experts say this would be possible, although very complicated and unlikely. The administrative and computer management systems at a nuclear power plant are physically and digitally separated from those responsible for operations. For this to be the case, the management network must be independent of the operating systems. This means that the operational part of a plant cannot be accessed through computer systems, as they are completely disconnected.

The administrative management of the plant is connected to the Internet, so it can be the subject of a cyber attack, although the work of the plant itself is not affected.

Safety rules

The federal government funds the cyber security of nuclear power plants. In the vast majority of exchanges, the Wi-Fi connection is restricted and suppliers must comply with a series of digital security controls and measures that limit the exposure of a nuclear power plant’s assets to possible external attacks.

ONU wants to combat cyber attacks against nuclear security

The international community must step up its efforts to protect global nuclear facilities from cyber attacks, said the head of the International Atomic Energy Agency when opening the first United Nations conference on this issue in Vienna.

The Director-General of the International Atomic Energy Agency, Yukiya Amano, told more than 650 experts from 92 Member States that the first International Conference on Computer Security in a Nuclear World sends an “important message” that the world takes “seriously” nuclear protection and other radioactive materials ”.

By: Davi Abrantes