7 Incredible Technologies That Are Currently Changing The World

You may debate whether or not if it is for the better but modern technology has revolutionized our world. The technology just from the past decade alone has brought forth amazing tools and resources while also placing a tremendous amount of information at our fingertips.

On the grand scale, the evolution of modern technology has ushered countless changes taking us to the ends of the universe to new depths in the ocean and new places in the human psyche.

While at home modern technology has made it possible for the discovery of many multifunctional devices like the smartwatch and the smartphone, making our lives a little easier, faster, better and more fun. As you are already well aware, technology changes lives, yet sometimes you may not be aware of how even what technology is currently moving from the fringe into our lives.

That is what we are here for. Over the next five years, the world as we know it will change, and there are certain technologies that will usher in that change. Today we are going to briefly explore those technologies and how they will go about changing the world. So let’s begin.

Artificial Intelligence/Robotics 

AI is getting “smarter” able to complete complex tasks better than its human creators. Artificial intelligence has the power to change just about every industry out there ranging from the medical world to farming, and that is not an exaggeration.

AI-powered robots will be used to perform precision tasks in operating theaters. While AI systems could be used to help diagnose and prevent any potentially deadly disease long before they appear in your body. AI will change the way we work and create.

Tools similar to Nvidia’s GuaGan will make artists out of everyone, while AI-powered farms like the ones found at Iron Ox will be used to farm sustainable produce indoors. Everything from shopping to crime prevention will be touched by artificial intelligence.

3D Printing

We have made it very clear that 3D printing, also known as additive manufacturing, will have a tremendous impact on our daily lives. Though 3D printing seems just like a novelty at the moments it has slowly and surely begun its massive disruption over the years. Fashion companies like Adidas and Nike have adopted 3D printing techniques to produce light but durable materials in footwear.

While companies like Aprecia Pharmaceuticals have gone on to fully create fully printed organs. NASA has embraced 3D printing as a viable option for not just printing parts for spacecraft but also for the printing of future living spaces on Mars.

Even in the realms of architecture and construction 3D printing is allowing developers to build homes at a fraction of the price and the time. Texas start-up, ICON, is currently working on a project that could end homelessness using 3D printing home technology. There is a very good chance that your next home will be 3D printed.

Self Driving Vehicles

In 10 years, you may have your own driver and, no, we are not talking about Alfred. Popularized by Tesla’s impressive goal to bring sustainable but driverless cars to the world, fully autonomous vehicles will be on the road in full force in less than 10 years, or perhaps even sooner.

However, it goes much deeper than just consumers being chauffeured around all day. Driverless cars will change the way we transport patients, packages, inventory, and even your pizzas.

AR/VR Technology

Immersiveness is the name of the game and augmented and virtual technology will play a major role in the way we create, build, and experience new things in the near future. Virtual reality will open the gates to experiential marketing, immersive creative conceptualization, skill development, and of course amazing entertainment experiences.

AR and VR technology is even being used in the medical fields to train the next generation of surgeons. Architects are even using VR and AR technology to open the doors of their creations to clients for the ultimate “in-house” experience, cutting down on both project cost and time.


From your annoying neighbor to the military, drones are absolutely everywhere. Nevertheless, drone technology has the potential to change the world for the better. Drone technology is already being used for disaster relief and humanitarian aid.

While drone technology is already helping with precision agriculture, property management and inspections, search and rescue, and ocean mapping.  

Blockchain Technology

Blockchain is a technology which digitally stores individual pieces of information (blocks) which are connected to one another. These linked blocks resemble a long chain which cannot be modified or stolen without detection. A public then records the transaction which can be anything from money, good, and even secure data.

Another big buzzword for 2019, blockchain technology is one of the most exciting technologies to come out of the cryptocurrency craze. Distributive tools like smart contracts and of course cryptos have people very excited about blockchain.  

Blockchain Technology could be used for a host of things including rentals, ride sharing, crowdfunding, charity donations, and even healthcare.

Big Data and Its Tools

Artificial Intelligence goes about “learning” through the process called machine learning. However, at the heart of any AI system is data, a lot of data. Being able to properly get access to, store and eventually analyze large amounts of data will lay the framework for a lot of the tools on this list.

Tools like NoSQL databases and the MapReduce model are both widely used in big data and are very impressive. NoSQL solves the problem of storing gigantic amounts of data, while MapReduce provides an algorithm for its efficient analysis. Big Data will play a major role in the creation of the smart city and smart home, very literally changing the way you live.

Being able to analyze large amounts of data in real time as accurately as possible could usher in a more sustainable, efficient and even safer world.

Source: Interesting Engineering